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To the seekers of Truth...

What is a True Shaman?

Tika Sonko Chamane

Currently in great fashion, shamanism has become a source of profit, of lies of all kinds and above all of enslavement of the weakest.


Many people try to explain the inexplicable and mix the True Shaman who respects the Sacred and the LAWS from above as well as those from below, and the folklore-loving usurpers who have no power and like to impose their false knowledge, copied from here and there, either on sensational literature, or on so-called "well-being" fairs, or on the internet!

Many sites drown the seeker of truth in a fog of words that they do not control themselves, playing on the emotional to attract customers.


The True Shaman respects the manifestation of any form of Life, without trying to take advantage of it.. If it is normal to have a material exchange to ensure essential needs, it is not allowed by the LAW from above like those from below, to exploit the weaknesses and the distress of the world because everything its raison d'etre and everything is written for the proper functioning of the big clock.


He is at the service of visible and invisible forces.with whom he communicates to bring teachings and healing.

Folklore is therefore useless to him (practices specific to each country and customs), he has nothing to do with being known or recognized because he knows his powers and lives in simplicity, far from the agitation, pollution and illusions of this world. 


The True Shaman is the one who has real natural skills(birth gifts), and which has received a transmission worthy of the name with True Shamans who reside in the most secluded places in the world, without folklore, far from tourists eager for all crazy, inappropriate and often very risky experiences. He does not call himself a Shaman like so many others call themselves a "therapist" with a simple weekend course!


The True Shaman is like our home Druid, who lives in Nature, acts with Mother Earth, the animals, the Elements, the invisible and visible forces, and this for the good of all. He does not practice sorcery (use of practices read in materials written by often dubious third parties) or black magic (which goes against the LAW to divert natural forces), but uses universal forces to act in the matter with absolute respect for the Sacred, the LAWS and the Divine structure of Life.


10 axioms that represent the True Shaman:


1 - Being a Shaman is alreadyhave the STRENGTH OF AGE: he must be totally fulfilled and have worked on himself on all levels (Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual), which is equivalent to a minimum of40/50 years and over for some

2 - To be a Shaman ishave NATURAL GIFTS, he KNOWS since very young and MASTERS the energies that emanate from the Universe and those of our mother Earth, hence his faculties of "Medium" (in the middle of the 2 forces)

3 - To be a Shaman isto have KNOWLEDGEon the anatomy and functioning of the human body to provide appropriate care or "cure", both on the organs and on the energy networks (Meridians, chakras, etc.)

4 - To be a Shaman isbe daily IN CONTACT and ACT with the Elements of Nature, our Mother Earth and the Beings who animate it, with whom it communicates without using them for any ritual or sorcery.Enslaving humans is heinous, enslaving the Elements and animals is even worse.

5 - To be a shaman isbe FAIR in all areas, knowing when to demand and when to give, he thus readjusts the extremes and respects the ORDER of the great ALL.

6 - To be a Shaman isbe true, never lie, never cheat or modify anything, because the LAW is the Law and no one has the authorization to transgress it.

7 - Being a Shaman isHELP your neighbor without expectationand above all without obligation,he never forces things or people, he welcomes them.

8 - To be a Shaman is toto have WISDOM, to respect all life and all manifestations of Life in every detail,respect being essential, synonymous with acceptance.

9 - Being a Shaman isKNOW AND MASTER YOUR LIGHTto act on his destiny without ever turning away from it. He does not need to be in a group to obtain his strength and powers, he stays away from polluters, vampires, usurpers of all kinds who work for the shadows. Moreover, he is not superior to anyone.

10 - To be a Shaman is toBE above all, and not to have, by knowing how to detach oneself from any illusion of this low world.


I could extend this list by speaking of the Macrocosm and the understanding of the Universe, with the capacity to act in the Universes, but at this level, few human Souls have the capacity and the understanding to understand this notion.


This is why people who want to awaken without seeking profit or power will always be welcomed with the Heart to work on their awakening and healing.


May the light be with you and may your path be bright in your own strength.


Tika Sonko

Shaman name from Quechua, communicated by the Inca Spirits in 2011, during my work with local True Shamans living in the Andes Cordillera and in the Sacred Valley, without grigri, folklore or hallucinogen!