Know how to read and interpret an astral chart.  

Know each sign of the zodiac and the influences of each planets.

Relationship with mythology, the Tree of Life, the Tarots

Discover 2 possible visions: Genealogical and Spychological  



1 module = 1 day at  95  € the module



Traditional approach, with discovery of the specific vocabulary of Astrology

The Elements and vibrations

The potential of each sign

The influence of the planets

Understand the interactions between the igneous and the planets

Relations with the Tree of Life and the Tarots


Module 1



The basics of Astrology


- Introduction to vocabulary

- The stages of human consciousness

- Districts

- The 4 Elements 

- The 3 vibrations or energies

- The signs and their potential

- The planets and their influences

- Houses or mansions 

- The Axes between Signs and Houses

- Synthesis 

Unit 2



Discover and interpret


- Reminder of the basics

- Signs and Mythology

- The aspects

- Genealogical vision of a theme

- Psychological vision of a theme

- Relationships with the Tarots

- Relationship with the Tree of Life

- Practical case

Content partially occulted voluntarily

due to cheating by usurpers

lacking in imagination and knowledge!