Alphabet de Tripoli





Discover Numerology with two complementary visions

Be able to interpret the results from alphabetical data (eg Last name and First name)
and numeric (eg Dates). Understand your privileged place  in metaphysics,  his close relationship
with Sacred Geometry, the Tree of Life, Tarots and Astrology and its place in the sacred.



1 module = 1 day at  95  € the module



Tika Sonko, through her experience in these fields as well as her knowledge of Kabbalah and Gematria, introduces you to two fascinating modules that are very rich in information. 

Module 1


Traditional Numerology

Unit 2


Advanced Numerology

Traditional Numerology


- Origins

- Classification of letters

- General meaning of each number

- The vibration of the numbers

- Temperaments in numbers

- The professions in the figures

- Health in numbers

- Calculations with the identity

- Calculations with dates

- Synthesis and interpretations

- Practical cases

Symbolic and Sacred Numerology


- Reminder of the energies of the figures

- The classification according to the Hebrew letters

- Its relationship with the Tree of Life

- Numerology in the 4 elements

- Numerology in the Tarots

- Its relationship with Sacred Geometry

- Correspondence with Astrology

- The sacred numbers

- Synthesis and interpretations

- Practical cases

Content partially occulted voluntarily

due to cheating by usurpers

lacking in imagination and knowledge!