Deadlines: 48 hours by post or colissimo

- Preparation takes 24 to 48 hours depending on the items

Preparation after full payment of your order  

- on the site by credit card, or when cashing your check (longer).

Withdrawal on site:

- After validation of the order on the site (no shop)

- Withdrawal from the Gers site very soon (CB, check or cash).

Services used:

- The Post Office: Colissimo  and follow-up letter .

2021 rates in effect.

The sole responsibility of the carrier is engaged once the package has been shipped.

- Reminder of article 10 of the GCS

Article 10 - Deliveries and responsibilities of the carrier:

As soon as an order is sent, the articles are under the sole responsibility of the carrier, who must ensure the delivery of the goods in good condition until their perfect delivery to the customer. Tika Sonko® cannot be held responsible for damage due to transport (Colissimo, La Poste, or other). If a package arrives damaged at the customer, despite all the care taken to preserve it and the contents before it is taken over by the carrier, the customer must immediately provide photo evidence of the causes of the deterioration of the items. In addition, a complaint to the services concerned (post office, colissimo or others) must be initiated by the customer and a copy of this complaint must be communicated to Tika Sonko® within 24 hours by email. The damaged item(s) may or may not be subject to an exchange if Tika Sonko® so wishes to make a commercial gesture but without any obligation to do so since the carrier is solely responsible. The customer can then return the package at his own expense to request (or not) the sending of another identical package exclusively to the same address. In this case, the new shipment can only take place after receipt of the damaged package and after verification of the damage caused. Insofar as only the carrier is responsible for the return transport, if other damage is caused during the return to the comparison of the proofs advanced by the customer, Tika Sonko® reserves the right to request additional shipping costs. and exchange of defective items. If the customer is unable to provide the items mentioned above, no return of goods will be possible and the refund of the order may take place after deduction of a flat rate of €20 (compensation for preparation time and shipping costs) and the price of the damaged goods at the price in force at the time of purchase by the customer, even if the latter has benefited from a discount or free shipping. These conditions cannot be refuted by the customer who has validated the GCS (General Conditions of Sale) when ordering, which implies his total acceptance of the delivery conditions and the carrier's responsibilities in the event of defective packages.

Delivery Information