Current price information
& Discounts for therapists or health professionals

Multiple choices on the same item:

- Items without tariff have multiple selection when choosing,

- Select the item then in the drop-down list, choose the desired quantity.

The more you order, the more you earn:

- Multiple selection allows purchases at quantitative preferential rates,

- You benefit from better prices if you order more!

VAT is included in the price:

- All prices shown include VAT.

Discount voucher or customer advantage:

- Coupon codes or customer benefits are occasional,

- Enter them at the bottom of your basket before validation and payment.

La Poste service fees with tracking:

The costs are calculated during the validation of your order.

Fixed costs for order preparation  :

Offered in France from €100.

Specific prices for therapists:  

Upon simple communication of proof of Kbis or Urssaf activity.