Initiations to the Sacred

Initiations to the Sacred

Transmission of knowledge

and practical exercises

Kabbalistic Tree of Life,  Tarot, Astrology,  Numerology, Dowsing, Sacred Geometry, Chinese Medicine,

Channeling, Holistic Care...

To raise your vibratory rate  and develop your faculties
by knowledge of science

recognized since the dawn of time.

4  4 day courses


Theoretical +  practical +  exercises that are easy to do at home on a daily basis.

  Cost per participant  : 600 € for the 4-day course / Flat rate for levels 1 + 2  1000€


Limited places (6  by group)

Registration on selection at wellness fairs and by individual appointment

Level 1 Discovery
Acquire the essential basics


Discover  the essential bases to develop your  potential  

Objective :

Awakening through knowledge of the sacred sciences + care and purifications

Contents  :

  • 3 Days of transmission of knowledge:
    Theory on the 4 elements,  Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Tarots, Astrology, Numerology,  Geometry  sacred,  Gods,  Archangels  and  Angels,  Elementals,  links and actions  in the invisible and in the visible.

  • Approach to Chinese Medicine and dowsing (their use in care)

  • Purification tools (recommended daily practices)

  • 1 day  with practical exercises and appointment in session  individual for the care of  centering and opening your chakras   (about 1 hour per  anybody).

  • Possibility of appointment for specific care  or personalized support after the course.

Level 2 Advanced
Deepen  the basics of level 1


Deepen your  level 1 knowledge   

Objective :

Development of knowledge acquired in level 1.

Content :

  • 3 days of Theory with the same basic tools but with additional information to help you better understand the importance and power of each tool as well as their complementarity.

  • 1 day of practice (with individual session to open your potential)


  • Possibility of appointment for care or personalized support after the course.

Level 3  Expert
Complements and daily practice


Act in your daily life and through care


Objective :

Mastery of knowledge and application in care practices.

Content :

  • 3 days of complementary theory to refine your knowledge of tools  and help you create your own technique (in consultations or therapies)

  • Personal Daily Practice - Requirements for Obtaining Effective Results

  • Practice in care through case studies - exchanges between participants 

  • 1 day of practice in a team and an individual session of connection to the macrocosm and the microcosm essential to maintain your power of awakening in the future.


  • Possibility of appointment for care or personalized support after the course.

Level 4  Initiated
Reserved for Magick practice


Expand your light through your universal potential


Objective :

Discover your light and become a co-creator to act with the invisible.  


Content of the 3 basic days:

  • Improvement in sacred geometry,

  • Theory on magical practices,

  • How to develop your remote working skills,

  • Advanced notions in Metaphysics,

  • Refine your consciousness through meditation and through lucid dreams,

  • 1 day with surprises and transmission of channeled care