Tailor-made individual stay

Tailor-made individual stay


Head to head "haute couture",

To win in  autonomy,

Improve your health  and you  awake.

Personalized initiation to meet all your expectations,

to work on a PEMS domain (Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual),

and introduce you to a Sacred and concrete shamanism.

Program created upon your arrival on site in line with your expectations

and my Healing Guide and Medium gifts.

Theory + Practice + Care

Without Folklore (drum or sweat lodge).

Main goals :

  • Connect to your potential thanks to the 4 elements,

  • Boost your energies with tailor-made support,

  • Improve your knowledge through a selection of theories and practices,

  • Give you the keys to life essential for your development,

  • Work with personalized exercises.