sap and oil
harvested in the heart of the Amazon

From Sacred and Secret places, unknown to the general public for their preservation.

These are high quality products, treasures of benefits!

100% harvested by local shamans

 ( Items sold in glass bottle and organic bamboo bottle)

Virtues and uses: 

-Dragon's Blood, composed of 99% antioxidants, it allows the rapid regeneration of healthy cells - external and internal use (healing, skin rejuvenation, ulcers, used against cancers in South America)

-Copaiba, immunostimulant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and toning, it stimulates energies - external and internal use (Muscle pain, treatment of the respiratory tract, colds and sore throats)

-Andiroba, composed of omega 3, 6 and 9, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and lipolytic this vegetable oil restructures cells - External and internal use (treatment of even very serious burns, bites, eczema, redness, nourishes hair and skin, eliminates fat cells, natural repellent against crawling insects)