Some testimonials 
Only a few of the most representative voluntary testimonies  are indicated here  (others being more personal)


35 years


Formula PEMS Earth group course


Great ! Lots of material and work at home  ! Good progress, thank you!


54  year

Formula  PEMS

Formula PEMS Earth group course


Internship very rich in knowledge and experience, I strongly recommend, congratulations


49 years



Being  Individual PEMS Formula sessions


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything!


25 years



After several exchanges  


I'm glad people find you because there are so many scams out there and people need a lot of help.

It's rare accompaniment that you know how to offer!


53 years


Stress and depression

After the first PEMS formula session  


Thank you, it's really great to do this part of the road in your beautiful company!


46 years


Pain and fatigue

After an energy cleanse in the wellness salon


Thank you very much !  I feel good ! 


30 years



After a refocusing treatment at the wellness salon 

I thank you with all my heart for everything you give me. I admit this meeting is truly magnificent and I hope to benefit from your teaching and your care in the very near future.

I thank you for simply being you, for your immeasurable kindness and such an infectious joie de vivre, so sincere and so human, so true.

May the light be with you!


32 years old



After an Energy Coaching at the wellness salon  


Thank you for this meeting and opening of the heart.

In fact, anything is possible...

Hate and ready for what's next!


30 years



After an Energy Coaching at the wellness salon


Dear Tika, 

It feels so good to be understood "instantly" ;-)

A meeting and a treatment that gives me confidence!

Thank you 


40 years



After an energetic cleansing  wellness lounge 

Nice meeting, Tika Sonko is a person who speaks with his heart.

A very high vibrational experience...

Thank you !



50 years


Back pain

After a cupping session at the wellness salon 

Jocelyne had a great encounter with the suction cups but leaves with a smile.

See you very soon and thank you from the bottom of my heart.


65 years



After an energy cleanse in the wellness salon  


This cleaning done by Tika Sonko gave me a real desire to live and grow!
Thank you very much!


40 years


Trauma following accident

After an energy cleanse in the wellness salon 

Parachuted onto the Tika Sonko stand, the cleaning took away a pain that poisoned my daily life instantly. I found it hard to believe in this instant healing... those around me found me changed, my joy returned and something went from my left side of my face to my neck.

Thank you so much for waking me up!


45 years old



After a working session 

My shrink congratulates you Tika Sonko! In one session, I got back on my feet thanks to your precious help!


What would I be today if you hadn't been there!  A thousand times thank you !


42 years old



and curious

After a refresher course

Wow! What a pleasure to finally learn with a pro! We see that Tika Sonko has had experience with companies. Well-prepared lessons, projected on a big screen, clear and precise!

Moreover, he does not hesitate to give more than enough to satisfy us!


I highly recommend his awakening lessons because in one day, you have a lot of keys in hand ;-)

Congratulations !


37 years


Very emotional and mentally agitated

After 5 coaching sessions

Tika Sonko is always very attentive to my little "blockages" and the exercises he gives me are really interesting for discovering myself and helping me to stay centered.

Many thanks for your patience! 


24 years


Back trauma from car accident

2 testimonials after a month of work in PEMS coaching

The sessions allowed me to feel more zen, mixed with the Yoga sessions, my back hurts less.  


Your sessions are amazing, I feel like a hot air balloon, finally I understand what breathing means! Thank you ;-)


33 Years


Visually impaired and tantrums

Some testimonials from 3 years of follow-up

After two years, that's it, I feel all the chakras activate with my sight which has changed again.

Thank you for all the keys you gave me otherwise I won't be here today!


...The blockages let go as usual...


... Every day is a rebirth. Every day and an honor... 


50 years


Sciatica and depression

Several testimonials as the work in PEMS coaching progresses  


I had sciatica... After the first working session at Tika Sonko, my pain disappeared. I could finally sleep without having to take medication. Then I learned to know myself, what I had to do or not to do so that sciatica would leave me alone.

In addition, I was going through a depression that made me sad and nonchalant. These sessions helped me to become aware of it and to remedy it.

... I feel useful for my recovery. I feel like an actor of my well-being.


What I like in these sessions is that we are given the tools to be able to take charge and be autonomous in our development.


These sessions are magical, they reconcile us with ourselves.


... These sessions made me let go and so my well-being settled down session after session.


It's a big trip. This care helps us to go to our meeting in complete safety. So I can discover myself. In addition, we are given the tools to correct some malfunctions. What a journey  !